Emmy (gravity_girl90) wrote in thejereproject,

last night was the mest show.
and i met jeremiah rangel again.

well i went outside to see if my dad was tehre.
and i dient see him.
and i seen jeremiah so i went inside and got my 2 friends and we went to jeremiah and i asked him to resign my hoodie and he was like i remember you! you were from best buY! and then he signed my hoodie,and my mest poster thingy. and then he was handing me a vegan book and i was like i have one and hes like you do? an di was ike yeah but my brother ripped it up. and hes like aww im sorry heres a new one and ill sign it for you. so he signed it, and hes leike hide this one. and i was like i will. and then i gave him a mest guitar pick that my mom made and he was like awwww thanks and he gave me a hug ,and then i got my picture takin with him, and my other 2 friends got theres too. but wehn i was running across the street to go to teh car i dropped my camera and my memory card fell out. i was pissed. but oh well therye comming back to chicago in april!
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