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the remiahs

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jere should have a side project
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Jere Should Have A Side Project

This is the second Jere community. And i think you should join ours. You know what they say...first the worst, second the best and um, third the one with the...hairy chest...man, i would hate to be the one who made the third Jere community. Then again, if i was a dude then maybe it would make me more manly. Anyways.

(this is also just a Jere appreciation community. You dont have to like this "side project". we're just losers with a lot of time on our hands).

We love Jere from Mest so much we think he needs his own band. For this purpose we have recruited Patrick from Limbeck, Chris from Good Charlotte and, of course, Jeremiah as lead guitar and lead vocals (he gets the big job).

We dont have a drummer yet. We will take your suggestions.

Ok, so we havent actually asked any of these people if they want a side project but apart from that it's going pretty well.

We forgot to mention to Jere last time we met him. We'll remember next time ;-) And make signs. Signs are always good. (aaaah i forgot this time too! i should write stuff like that on my hand. but then it doesn't come off, like that time my friend wrote "Fuck me" on my arm in permanent marker)

you know you want to join this community.

(oh by the way - in our interests we have mentioned our nick-names for certain members. They really are quite ingenious arent they)