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Title: Still Waiting

Rating: NC17
Pairing: Matt/Jeremiah

Description: Jeremiah's still waiting.

I want to dedicate this story to two people. Kam, lastasalways , and Bree, fo_shizzle24 . They gave me an idea for a story and I had planned on doing it, but at the last minute I changed my mind. The fact is, they helped me in starting this story. Thanks you guys. :)

I'm still sitting here, staring out my living room window at the driveway. I still see the treadmarks from his tires when he sped away, just a few days ago. No, it wasn't days. It was weeks. Maybe even months. I'm not sure. I just know i've been sitting here everyday since then. I know i'm stubborn. I dont want to accept it. Why would I want to?

My bottom lip starts to tremble as I start to remember the days that led up to him leaving. He'd pull away from me when I'd touch him. He'd roll his eyes when I'd talk. He wouldn't look at me when we had sex. I ignored it, because i'm stubborn. In my mind, everything was fine.. until that night.

He had came home a little later than usual and he seemed angry. I watched him come in and slam the door, muttering under his breath. He looked over and saw me, his way out, sitting on the couch innocently. He said my name harshly and motioned for me to follow him. I smiled and followed him. He walked into our bedroom and closed it after I walked in, shoving me against it. I gasped and whimpered as he held me against the door, his hands on my shoulders and his hips pressed against mine. "Get undressed and get on the bed." He said. I nodded and exhaled sharply as his weight was taken off of me. I got undressed and then sat on the bed, watching him undress. "Turn over." I did as he said. I always did, maybe that's why I was the bitch. I'm too weak.

I felt his hands slide over my back, sending chills down my spine. He slid the head of his cock between my ass cheeks, teasing me and starting to push into me. His hands gripped my sides, "Fuck this" he muttered before ramming into me harshly. I gasped and my arms collapsed, my face shoved into the bedspread and i was whimpering. He didn't wait for me to adjust like he usually did, he wanted to get off. I knew that much and who am I do deny him?

He thrusted in and out of me hard, still gripping my hips so hard, there were probably fingerprints. I pushed myself back up with my arms and started to try and make myself feel good, pushing my hips back onto him, wanting him to hit that spot in me that made me tremble. My hips circled around him and he hits the spot and I moan his name breathelessly. He rolled his hips into me, getting deeper as his thrusts got more frantic. He was panting and so was I, my hand went to my cock and I started to slide my hand up and down it, twisting my wrist. My other hand fisting the sheets. My chest felt like it would cave in everytime our hips met and my stomach tensed. I knew I was close. He started to grind at the end of each of his powerful thrusts, gasping for breath. I was trembling and my eyes squeezed shut as I came, collapsing onto the bed. My hips were still in his hands and he was still thrusting, only a couple more times and he moaned loudly. "Ugh.. J.. Joel.." My eyes shot open and my mind was racing. He came inside of me and I hissed a little, shivering. He didn't just say 'Joel'. He couldn't have, i'm just imagining it. He pulled out and stepped away. I was still panting as I turned over and watched him pull on his boxers. I asked him why he said Joel's name. "God damnit, Jeremiah! Don't you get it?! You don't mean anything to me! You're just a good fuck to me. That's all you are. You're too weak and you're fucking stubborn!" I was stunned. I already knew all these things, but ... why did he have to tell me? I said his name has grabbed his clothes and walked out my bedroom door. I said his name a little louder before getting up and walking into the living room, just as the door was slammed. I knew he wasn't coming back this time, I knew that. I walked over to the window and watched as he sped away, probably to Joel's house.

I don't want to accept that Matt left me. But.. do I really have a choice? The rocks and the treadmarks get old after a while. What will I do then? I'm not going to think about it right now. As of right now, i'm thinking 'He could come back, maybe he'll come back for his jacket. Tell me he's sorry.' I know it won't happen. But i'm stubborn and i'm still waiting.


a/n: It probably could have been better, but I haven't written in a while. Gimme some credit.

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