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Name: Madeline Ashley
Age: The ripe old age of 14.
Favourite band/s: The constant: Over It. Mest. The Blood Brothers. JamisonParker. Atreyu. Fall Out Boy. Rufio. The Get Up Kids. Glassjaw. JamisonParker. Lostprophets. Brand New. Dont Look Down. Rancid. The Clash. David Bowie. Thrice. Thursday. Norma Jean.
the temporary The Postal Service. Story of The Year. blink-182. Spitalfield. Josh Kelley. Ben Jelen. Give Up The Ghost. Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Pretty Girls Make Graves. Scarling. Kittie. The Rasmus. My Chemical Romance.
I could go on. I have a knack for falling in love.
Favourite Mest song/s: Shell Of Myself
Have you ever met Jere?: Never. He always slips right through my fingers.
Favourite food/s: Black Beans And Rice
Favourite TV show/s: Mixtape Mixdown: Indie Rock
Favourite Movies: The Velvet Goldmine.
Do you love me?: More than you know.
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