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I'm new too! And I love these little survey thingers. Does anyone actually read them? hehe

Name: Shannon
Age: 22
Favourite band/s: Mest, Lit, Goldfinger, Bad Religion, Blink 182
Favourite Mest song/s: Fucked Up Kid, Drawing Board, Night Alone
Have you ever met Jere?: Yup yup. Very sweet. I bothered him as he was heading to the potty. Got a pic with him and talked about video games with him. He was very smilely and giggly.
Favourite food/s: White rice with Italian dressing on it
Favourite TV show/s: Angel, Buffy (even though it's not on anymore), Gilmore Girls, Simpsons, That 70s Show, Daria, Beavis and Butthead and the list goes on. I like tv :)
Favourite Movies: Harry Potter
Do you love me? hmmm... love is such a strong word. Can I get to know you first? Take you out to dinner? Go for some walks on the beach? :D
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