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7 days. thats like, a week!


Mest in 7 days.


this maintainer is happy.

will being maintainer ever get old?

no. before you ask.

But yes. Mest in 7 days :)

twlor is doing all of the England dates.

Lucky bitch.

Still. They gonna love her by the ned of the tour :)

Anyone got any shows soon or that they just had that they wanna talk about - particularly Jeremiah related?

Does anyone find that they have to say Jeremiah as though it had an exclamation mark on the end of it. Like Jeremiah!

No. Thats probably just me.
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Deleted comment

a very manly man.
*deep voice*
very manly.
(by the way that was my manly cough)

Deleted comment

hehehehe...hugs! Jeremiah! hugging Jeremiah!
yes. *straightens metaphorical tie*
he is a manly many man.

(i would like to see his manly manly parts...)

Deleted comment

i'm hoping no pants.

can i ask him to take them off?


Deleted comment

then he will be running around unerwear-less for the rest of the tour. So its not just for me, its a public service really. The world deserves to see Jere underwear-less.

Deleted comment

nakey Jeremiah!

i really need some psyciatric help. all this nakey talk is making me crazy ;-)

Deleted comment

awwwwwwwwwww. Natie nakey! ah! oooh...Natie...
*looks surprised*

Deleted comment

hehe. yes he is.

Deleted comment

i like the nice use of capitals there. It reallt tied in with the whole size factor.

Deleted comment

not as much as i do.
yes, yes you do.

Mest was fuck amazing. i thought that the god awfuls and fall out boy were brilliant too. the god awfuls were better but fall out boy really got the circle pits going.

yellow card supporting less than jake soon! WHOOO!