Emmy (gravity_girl90) wrote in thejereproject,

heres another Miah' storrrry.


me and my friend had to go to Best Buy, my friend had to go becouse she was returning her GC dvd, andi had to go to get another Mest cd, becouse mine was all scratched. and i had wore my mest hoodie that day. anyways we went into the store, and decided to return her DVD first so she dident have to carry it around with her and have them think she stole it and when we were on the way to the line to return ti, i was like wow that guy looks like jeremiah, but i dident want to say anything. and i accidently bumped into him, and he turned around, looked down at my hoodie and said hi, i got freaked out. well not litleraly but yeah. and i wa slike krystal krystal! and she wouldetn turn around, so finaly i got her to becouse shes a huuuge jeremiah fan as well and she freaked out. and we were standing there in the middle of the store, while jeremiah was inline  to purchase something talking to him. it was alot of fun. we were talking about the mest show. and then he told us how theyre having another mest show in chicago, and yeah. thats my story. i dont reemember the WHOLE convo. but all that matters is jeremiah was involved in this.

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